7 Steps To Cleaning Your Garage

clean garage

The great thing about having a garage is it’s big enough to hold a car. The bad thing about that is it’s far too tempting to store other things besides your car in the garage. Before you know it, that space becomes full of clutter. But don’t let that intimidate you. Follow these steps and you’ll have a clean garage in no time.

Find Recycling Companies

Before you clear out that excess clutter you no longer need, it’s helpful to know how to dispose of it. If you think others can be blessed by your discards, take them to a local thrift store. For scrap metal and other discarded auto parts such as catalytic converters contact scrap catalytic converter buyers to accept your discards.

Plan Your Space

A little planning can save you time and frustration. The hardest part about cleaning a garage is not knowing where to put things. By organizing your garage first, it will be far easier to find the floor so that you can clean it.

Check the Weather

The only way you can truly sort through everything in your garage and organize them is by taking things outside and sorting them into piles either on your lawn or driveway. But if it’s cold or rainy, that won’t happen. So check the weather first to make sure it’s warm and sunny before tackling your garage cleaning project.

Create a Space for Everything

Designate one of the walls in your garage as a place where you’ll hang tools and then decide where each one should go. A tool wall is a great way to locate the right thing quickly, and it keeps your wrenches and other items off the floor and protected. Store smaller items like screws and nails in small plastic containers that are labeled and easy to see.

Gather Your Supplies

Make sure you have all the supplies you’ll need, including a broom and dustpan, paper towels and cleaning solution. A boom box and your favorite music will also keep you motivated.

Pick Up and Sort

Take everything out of the garage and sort each item into piles. Once everything is sorted this way, it’s much easier to put them away quickly.

Deep Clean Floors and Walls

Once you can actually see the floors, clean them with a high-powered cleaner that can cut through grease. Be sure to clean the walls as well.

Follow these steps and you’ll have a beautiful garage you’re proud of in no time.

Types of insurance solutions for your business

type of Insurance

Insurance is a critical aspect of owning and running your own business. All people know that they should have insurance, but it is not always clear what type of policy they need or why they might need it. Fortunately, this has been made easier with the infographic below, which gives the types of insurance needed for different businesses.

Commercial Property Insurance

If you run a business from space at your home or garage, then commercial property insurance is one to look into, as there are many situations where contents aren’t covered. While these kinds of policies can be complicated and expensive, take comfort in knowing that having the right cover could save you thousands if disaster strikes.

Business Interruption Insurance

Natural disasters do happen, and when they do, businesses can often be left struggling to recover. Business interruption insurance helps bridge that gap guaranteeing that if your business is temporarily shut down due to things like bad weather or lightning strikes. By applying for this insurance from reputable companies such as insurance solutions of America, you will be assured of receiving compensation.

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)

 Many small business owners prefer a business owner’s policy to cater handle their commercial property, business interruption, and other covers into one affordable policy. However, those seeking this kind of protection should check with their current insurers as many won’t offer this type of package anymore because they view them as too risky.

Public Liability Insurance

Accidents are part of life. While you might not think they will ever happen to your business, they do, and that’s why having public liability insurance is so important. This type of policy will protect you should anyone claim your business, covering both bodily injury and property damage (including loss or damage to client property).

Commercial Auto Insurance

 In most cases, your vehicle insurance doesn’t impact your commercial policies. However, there are some instances where it can cause problems, especially when your rideshare company requires you to use your vehicle.

Prioritizing coverage for all five types of cover discussed above would be ideal. However, if you find yourself struggling with an insurance budget, prioritizing the three basic types listed above, that is commercial property, public liability, and commercial auto- would be the place to start.

How to Sell Your Belongings to a Pawn Shop

Pawn Shop

A pawn shop like Monte de Piedad is a place where you can sell your unused, unwanted items for money. For people low on cash, in-between paychecks, or struggling with debt, a pawn shop can be like a line of credit if you’re re-pawning items you already pawned before. According to the National Pawn Brokers Association, the average pawn at a shop nets about $150 for the original owner for a 30-day hold. If you’ve moved to a new apartment or are simply looking to get rid of a lot of property, there is a specific way you should pawn or sell as many of your unwanted belongings as possible.

Sell video games with low replay value

Unlike Grand Theft Auto 5Red Dead Redemption 2, and these 48 other video games with terrific replay value, some of the games in your storage might not be worth playing again. Do you have a collection of sports games from decades ago but now have an updated version with updated rosters? Perhaps those games can go. And of course, if you can exchange games for which you no longer have a console, you’ll be putting money in your bank account and supporting your local pawn shop at the same time.

Clear up clutter by selling old CDs and DVDs

Your CD collection probably looks great in your apartment. Stacked up nicely and neatly, you can see the edges of the small plastic boxes and the names of every artist or musician you’ve ever admired. But with CDs and DVDs come lost space and clutter, even if you have a bookshelf to hold the discs inside to keep them off the floor and free from damage. So, the next time you’re thinking of freeing up some space, consider swapping your CDs and DVDs for a few bucks. Remember, there’s a good chance you can’t pawn these kinds of items.

Sell small household appliances and jewelry for fast chunks of money

You can’t bring a refrigerator to your local pawn shop, but a coffeemaker, ironing set, microwave, or small air conditioner might do just fine. Coming in a little more than your everyday small items, you should be able to net payments pretty high in the double digits, especially for authentic journey and name-brand equipment. And like with CDs and DVDs, these items can take up a lot of space if you’ve found a better product. So, why not take the chance to get ahead?

Don’t bother trying to sell everything

Homemade arts and crafts, tiny trinkets, some toys, and items without any obvious value are going to be rejected or mocked, ultimately costing you money on transportation and storage. Don’t bother your pawn shop with trash and instead place anything you absolutely don’t want that has no clear value in the garbage. In the process, you may find other items that are a little more valuable sitting somewhere you couldn’t find them. As Screenrant reported, a Godfather script with an autograph once went for $12,000. So, you never know what you’ll find.

For whatever reason you’re coming in a pawn shop, locations like Monte de Piedad are always looking to make the best deals with customers. All pawn shops are great places to go if you find yourself sitting on a lot of property that you either don’t want or don’t need. Next time you’re prepared to get rid of some of your possessions, consider making some money at the same time by swapping the items at your local pawn shop.

What to know about boat dealerships

Supposing you want to get your first new boat or you want to add something new to your existing fleet of aquatic toys. It would be best if you get the best boat dealers to assist. Working with professionals who understand the vessels you want can make all the difference in acquiring the ideal boat you dream of. These are people who you can rely on to find the best value for your investment. Here are criteria to use to find the best Ontario boat dealerships

Certification and recognitions

You will probably know the brand of boat you want before you go to purchase a boat. Start by narrowing down some dealers to use. This will not automatically indicate a trader will have the brand you want, but you will find a dealer who knows well the type of boat you want, how it functions and performs.

Your boat choice may fall within one of the dealer’s specialties. To find out about what you want, you can search for the awards and certification they have, and you will find one who is blowing hot air in the market and ready to guide you to find your dream boat.

Flexible financing options

Purchasing a boat is an expensive investment one can make. When your wallet is not, look for a dealer who has funding choices that suit you. Some dealers work with the different sellers for financing and concessions and will involve many sending information back and forth. Others will have a financing team who can tailor your expenditures and give you all the required information, from approval options to monthly payment rates. They will process all the purchase transactions on-site and communicate with you directly. All your information will be kept safe.

Efficient deliveries and pick-ups

Consider how the vessel you will purchase will be delivered. You can look for different dealer delivery options. Not all dealers offer their clients options. Some of them may have timely delivery that suits you.

If a dealer knows about the area, you want your vessel to be delivered. You will have a smooth delivery process.

Finally, whatever you will be looking for in a vessel, ensure the vessel dealer you choose can follow through.

Different Edges for Your Doctor Blades

doctor blades

Traditionally, doctor blades would be filed by the printer. Today, you can purchase plastic and metal blades with a pre-cut edge to provide precision and consistency during printing. Here are some of the different edge options and their unique qualities.

Beveled or Lamella

When manufacturers first started making pre-cut blades, they would always create a 15-degree slanted edge called a bevel. However, this design’s footprint can change drastically during one printing job, leading to variations in the finished product. The result was the development of the lamella edge. While this shape doesn’t have the hardiness of a bevel, it wears much more consistently. Today, you can also find beveled edges with two- to five-degree edges. These have the hardiness of a bevel and a more consistent wear pattern like the lamella.


They can also be found without a beveled edge, known as square blades. These are basically raw blades that don’t always have a working edge. Instead, square edge shapes typically are made from plastics and are used for containment rather than doctor blades.


Round edge blades offer a precision working edge. They tend to be cheaper than the beveled or lamella edges because they don’t require as much machining during production. Although they do allow more ink to sit on the anilox roll during a printing job, they are the hardiest option on the market. This makes them the perfect option for printing with a rough anilox roll.

Whatever edge you prefer, it is important to choose the right one for your needs. If you need to apply high pressure to a job, be sure to choose something that can handle it without breaking, such as a hardy round edge. On the other hand, if you need fine work, you might choose a beveled or lamella edge.

Need Auto Repair? Consider These Three Tips To Locate the Best Pros for the Job

Auto Repair

Unless you are a master mechanic, it will likely be confusing and overwhelming to own a vehicle for any significant length of time. Along with the standard costs and upkeep associated with the purchase, issues like collisions or even weather-related damage can lead to unforeseen expenses and hassles. When these situations appear, finding the right professional or team to handle them is imperative. Focus on the following tips to help narrow down the field to the best candidate available.

Locate the Contenders

Any community of a significant size will certainly include several qualified vehicle repair businesses. For example, someone trying to find an auto body shop Denver CO will have plenty of options to consider. Start by narrowing down the field with a cursory internet search, but be sure to gather any relevant details from those with experience as a customer. Contact trusted friends or family members to gain some helpful recommendations along the way.

Isolate the Experts

Upon amassing as much data as possible, reach out to a few of the top prospects to get a feel for their method of handling the repairs at hand. Determine if the experts have firsthand experience in the field of work needed to get the vehicle back on the road and in top shape once again.

Formulate the Plan

Of course, price is certainly going to be a consideration for many drivers in this situation. Nevertheless, it is important not to skimp on the important things such as safety and reliabilty of repairs. Express any concerns or specifications at the outset to avoid painful or costly surpised in the future.
Every driver will eventually face some issues that need a professional’s touch. When such a scenario arises, however, the tips and tricks outlined in the article above will certainly come in handy.

The Value of A Demand Letter

Demand Letter

When someone owes you something, such as money, but is not forthcoming writing a demand letter is usually the route to take after all other attempts have proven futile.

What Is a Demand Letter?

A demand letter is a legal, proficient statement sent from one individual or company to another, for payments or another strategy to correct an injustice. 

The letter recipient might be in monetary insolvency, may have broken a bond, or may not have honored a responsibility.

When writing a demand letter, you should get an attorney since they are knowledgeable and you may need them to take legal action against the recipient later if they fail to respond to the demand letter. It is not a requirement, however.

Insight To Demand Letters

As the name signifies, a demand letter is a statement that entreats some form of compensation from the recipient to the disgruntled party. 

A demand letter is frequently preceded by other correspondence such as emails and telephone calls, reminding the debtor or other recipient of their responsibility. 

Oftentimes, a demand letter is dispatched as a formality or signal. It is generally delivered to the recipient by certified mail, allowing them the last opportunity to amend the situation, monetarily or otherwise. 

The letter often includes directives on how to make the restitution, comprising payment elements and deadlines.

The recipient may adhere to the writer’s request by fulfilling the circumstances summarized in the letter, deny the claims or simply ignore the demand letter. 

The latter reactions can prompt the sender to take legal action to seek a remedy. A demand letter indicates that the sender is serious about arriving at a resolution. 

What a Demand Letter Entails

Demand letters are articles you can write on your own, but most people prefer to pay an attorney to ensure that it is done proficiently.

The letter generally starts with the objective, an explanation of the damages, followed by the request for reimbursement. Oftentimes, demand letters will provide the recipient with a specific amount of time to settle the disagreement, in addition to any outcomes if the conditions are not satisfied.

There is no specified extent for a demand letter, but a short letter is usually to the point and likely to be read. It should only be sufficient to explain your goal. 

The longer a letter, the less pointless it becomes and the less likely it is to impact the recipient to respond. An honestly written letter indicates sincerity to a legal conflict. 

If the recipient fails to respond and you wind up in court, the clerk and judge may look approvingly at the briefness of your demand letter.

The legality of Demand Letters

Numerous demand letters might fall under the scope of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) or may be accountable to state legislation. 

There are regulations to be followed which the state outlines and a debtor can seek damages if the other party fails to follow them.  Lawyers are often a part of the process to assist with collecting extremely outstanding debts.

It’s not extraordinary for crooked collections agencies to mail apparently workable demand letters ordering abrupt payment, even though no letter was relevant. 

These types of strategies often advance to absolute scams, where unsuspecting consumers make payments in error.

In personal injury statements, the settlement negotiation procedure commences with the sufferer writing a demand letter to the insurance companies. Its purpose is to convey the validities of the incident to convince the insurance companies to furnish acceptable reimbursement.

Overall, demand letters are very beneficial and can help you, in the long run, should you need to take the matter to court. Just remember to keep it concise yet complete.

3 Socially Distant Tools for Your Legal Business

Socially Distant Tools

Even during a pandemic, legal proceedings are moving forward and cases are going to arbitration and to court. Many routines and processes that were done in person now need to be performed at a distance to keep everyone safe. There are several tools you can use to keep your business running efficiently.

1. Depositions by Telephone

Depositions are an important part of determining what happened in a case. It can be used as discovery in court and it is important that it is collected and recorded properly for all parties. Instead of meeting in person to take a witness’s deposition, you can use telephonic deposition Washington DC to get the statement over the phone. As long as they are done under a sworn oath and in the presence of an attorney, they are admissible in court.

2. Workplace Productivity Tools

Most legal offices already use tools to track billable hours, but there are many other productivity tools you could be taking advantage of. These can be ways for workers to collaborate and meet virtually, like video chat programs and instant messaging. There are also project management platforms that allow document sharing and have message boards.

3. Document Sharing

For some legal professionals, such as real estate, document sharing and signature collection tools are already commonly used with clients. If these services are not part of your office’s procedures, you should add them. It is more efficient than attempting to get documents to clients and getting signatures in person. This is a tool that you can use once everyone is back in the office to make this process quicker.

Doing business in these times is not easy for everyone but there are many technologies that are being adapted and developed that make your job easier. Even when you are in person again, you may decide to keep using them.