How to Sell Your Belongings to a Pawn Shop

Pawn Shop

A pawn shop like Monte de Piedad is a place where you can sell your unused, unwanted items for money. For people low on cash, in-between paychecks, or struggling with debt, a pawn shop can be like a line of credit if you’re re-pawning items you already pawned before. According to the National Pawn Brokers Association, the average pawn at a shop nets about $150 for the original owner for a 30-day hold. If you’ve moved to a new apartment or are simply looking to get rid of a lot of property, there is a specific way you should pawn or sell as many of your unwanted belongings as possible.

Sell video games with low replay value

Unlike Grand Theft Auto 5Red Dead Redemption 2, and these 48 other video games with terrific replay value, some of the games in your storage might not be worth playing again. Do you have a collection of sports games from decades ago but now have an updated version with updated rosters? Perhaps those games can go. And of course, if you can exchange games for which you no longer have a console, you’ll be putting money in your bank account and supporting your local pawn shop at the same time.

Clear up clutter by selling old CDs and DVDs

Your CD collection probably looks great in your apartment. Stacked up nicely and neatly, you can see the edges of the small plastic boxes and the names of every artist or musician you’ve ever admired. But with CDs and DVDs come lost space and clutter, even if you have a bookshelf to hold the discs inside to keep them off the floor and free from damage. So, the next time you’re thinking of freeing up some space, consider swapping your CDs and DVDs for a few bucks. Remember, there’s a good chance you can’t pawn these kinds of items.

Sell small household appliances and jewelry for fast chunks of money

You can’t bring a refrigerator to your local pawn shop, but a coffeemaker, ironing set, microwave, or small air conditioner might do just fine. Coming in a little more than your everyday small items, you should be able to net payments pretty high in the double digits, especially for authentic journey and name-brand equipment. And like with CDs and DVDs, these items can take up a lot of space if you’ve found a better product. So, why not take the chance to get ahead?

Don’t bother trying to sell everything

Homemade arts and crafts, tiny trinkets, some toys, and items without any obvious value are going to be rejected or mocked, ultimately costing you money on transportation and storage. Don’t bother your pawn shop with trash and instead place anything you absolutely don’t want that has no clear value in the garbage. In the process, you may find other items that are a little more valuable sitting somewhere you couldn’t find them. As Screenrant reported, a Godfather script with an autograph once went for $12,000. So, you never know what you’ll find.

For whatever reason you’re coming in a pawn shop, locations like Monte de Piedad are always looking to make the best deals with customers. All pawn shops are great places to go if you find yourself sitting on a lot of property that you either don’t want or don’t need. Next time you’re prepared to get rid of some of your possessions, consider making some money at the same time by swapping the items at your local pawn shop.