Style Icon – Agyness Deyn

Most public figures subscribe to the facsimile school of dressing and blandly copy the fashion-forward members of their tribe with unthinking, unseeing devotion. While these robotic starlets with their xeroxed style stumble after one another, one of our favorite faces, the of-the-moment mannequin Agyness Deyn, zips off in an entirely different direction.

We’ve long admired Deyn’s idiosyncratic way of putting herself together, primarily because she truly does her own thing. Thanks to her short shock of nearly white hair and Sex Pistols-esque style proclivities, Deyn’s dress generally runs in a new wave-meets-tomboy sort of direction. Recently though, the Brit it girl has gone a bit upscale and is incorporating sophisticated silhouettes into her wardrobe. The result is a posh punk look we find wholly inspiring.

These facts in mind, we wanted to dress up our Agyness paper dolly in a way that thoughtfully blends rough ‘n’ tough pieces with refined ones. We also needed to make allowances for our subject’s penchant for popping colors and find the chapeau-loving lady some sort of hat. The result is a nifty amalgam of styles and price points that neatly nod to today’s muse.

  1. Jeffrey Campbell Spectator Wingtip ($98)
    Deyn occasionally sports statement heels, but overall, she favors interesting boots and flats for most events. These seriously stylish spectators seem like they’d be the perfect fit.
  2. See by Chloe Motor Jacket ($880)
    The catwalk queen (she still opens and closes fashion shows in addition to being the face of, oh, everything) has a fondness for little leather jackets, so we couldn’t resist including this cropped style. Plus, it’s ultra lightweight, making it perfect for spring!
  3. Forever 21 F9438 Sunglasses ($5.80)
    In search of shades we found this classic shape in an unexpected purple color. Similar looks by Fendi sunglasses can be found if you just MUST have the real thing!
  4. Topshop Boho Straw Trilby ($40)
    Deyn delights in hats of all shapes and sizes and we think she’s be particularly keen on this black and white straw number. The refined fedora shape and tribal design make it a very current accessory.
  5. J. Crew Striped Kelly Shirticon in Soft Azalea ($59.50)
    There’s something slightly subversive yet totally good humored about Deyn’s style, so we added this classic cotton pink striped button-down to the mix. The conservative shirt plays off the tight skirt and biker jacket nicely.
  6. L’Oreal HIP Color Rich Cream Eyeliner in Teal ($12)
    All tough girls need eyeliner, that’s for sure, so we found a creamy, slightly smudgy, crazy teal pot of product that would serve’s milky Aggie well.
  7. Burberry Chunky Hexaganol Bracelet ($995)
    As one of the faces of Burberry, Deyn no doubt gets loads of lovely accessories from the fashion house, like this gorgeous medal studded bracelet. (We know it’s expensive, but sometimes it’s just nice to look at the real thing.)
  8. 3.1 Phillip Lim High Waisted Mini Skirt in Citron ($320)
    Bright and tight, this high-waisted skirt is so freaking fantastic we can hardly stand it. We also are mad about the exposed back zipper. It’s darling, it’s daring, it’s very Deyn.